Training Courses

Training Courses

Partners and Alliances: ITI of Panama and Seably Group for STCW and Hospitality training, Emergency Control Maritime Training, Starpath School of Navigation, AhA Trinidad for City and Guilds Award level training, CROSBY of USA for Rigging with Slings and Banksman training, etraintoday of the USA for OSHA training and LAMOR of Finland for IMO and Environmental Response training. 


  1. Basic Safety STCW
  2. Basic Safety Refreshers
  3. Security Awareness
  4. Security Awareness with Designated Duties
  5. Ship Security Officer
  6. Port Facility Security Officer
  7. Company Security Officer
  8. Advanced Fire Fighting
  9. Medical Care
  10. Ratings forming part of a navigational watch
  11. Ratings forming part of an engineering watch
  12. CPSC
  13. Fast Rescue Craft
  14. GMDSS
  15. Crowd Control for passenger vessels
  16. Crisis Management for passenger vessels
  17. Radar
  18. ARPA
  19. ECDIS
  20. AIS
  21. Boat Master 3
  22. Boat master 2
  23. Bridge Resource Management
  24. Engine Room Resource Management
  25. Marine Environmental Awareness
  26. Officer in Charge of a Navigational Watch
  27. Officer in Charge of an Engineering Watch
  28. Master / Chief Mate Updating Course
  29. Chief Engineer / Second Engineer Updating Course

All STCW courses are 1978 as amended.



Additional Training Courses Offered

 In Hospitality and Personal Wellness

through Seably 

Quality Assured by DNV



  1. Advanced Laundry Service Level 1

  2. Advanced Laundry Service Level 2

  3. Advanced Superyacht Housekeeping Service Level 1

  4. Advanced Superyacht Housekeeping Service Level 2

  5. Delicious and Nutritious Non-Dairy Foods That Are High in Calcium

  6. Food Handling Personnel

  7. Food Safety Awareness - All Crew

  8. Galley Inspection

  9. Galley Operations

  10. Healthy Cooking

  11. How Food Affects Our Mood

  12. Introduction: Supervising Food Safety

  13. Napkin Folding

  14. Professional Butler Service Module 1

  15. Public Health, Sanitation & Infection Control Onboard

  16. Safe Food Handling

  17. Time & Temperature: Food Safety

  18. Valet Service and Wardrobe Management Level 1

  19. Valet Service and Wardrobe Management Level 2

  20. Valet Service and Wardrobe Management Level 3

  21. Valet Service and Wardrobe Management Level 4


  1. Employability Skills City & Guilds
  2. Rigging with Slings and Banksman APIRP2D
  3. Oil Spill Response IMO Level 1 & 2 
  4. Introduction to OSHA USA Certified
  5. PPE USA Certified
  6. Fall Protection Awareness USA Certified
  7. Scaffold Safety USA Certified
  8. Materials Handling USA Certified
  9. Record Keeping USA Certified
  10. Confined Space Entry USA Certified
  11. Health & Safety Plan USA Certified
  12. Introduction to Stairways and Ladders
  13. GHS USA Certified
  14. NIOSH USA Certified
  15. Risk Management and Workplace Safety Training UK Certified

  16. Construction Safety UK Certified

  17. First Aid at Work (2022)

    UK Certified

  18. Basic Electricity and First Aid Training UK Certified

  19. Electrical Safety Awareness UK Certified

  20. Fire Safety UK Certified

  21. Drugs and Alcohol Awareness Training UK Certified

  22. Accident Investigation UK Certified

  23. Working at Height Level 2 UK Certified

  24. Slips, Trips & Falls Safety Training UK Certified

  25. Ladder Safety UK Certified

  26. LOLER Training UK Certified

  27. Welding Basic to Advanced UK Certified

Courses are US or UK-certified as stated

Additional Training Courses Offered

In Hospitality and Personal Wellness

through Seably

Quality Assured by DNV

  1. Back Safety
  2. Build Trusting Relationships on Board
  3. Drug and Alcohol Prevention
  4. Finding Balance Tips and Strategies for Achieving Work-Life Wellbeing
  5. Learn How to Give and Receive Feedback
  6. Management and De-Escalation of Individuals and Large Crowds
  7. Managing Stress on Board
  8. Mental Health Awareness

  9. Mental Health Training

  10. Mental Resilience

  11. Personal Safety and Social Responsibility for Yachts
  12. Rebuilding Your Relationship With Food: Mindful Eating

  13. Risk Assessment

  14. Slips, Trips and Falls

  15. Social Media Awareness

  16. The Importance of Self-Care: How to Prioritise Yourself in a Busy World

  17. Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

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